Hope Exists.....Reframe & Balance Your Life!


Mental Health Counseling You Can Trust

Happy Family Sitting On Sofa In at Home - Counseling Services in Greeley, CO
Find hope in a company who truly understands what you are going through. When things get tough, turn to Patricia Malpiede, the counseling professional of Journey's Hope Counseling. She offers mental health counseling to residents throughout Greeley, CO, Fort Morgan, CO and other areas. She caters to the counseling needs of all ages.

Helping People Feel Better

When unaddressed, emotional baggage can keep you from soaring high and achieving your goals and dreams. Why keep all these emotions to yourself when you can discuss them with a counseling professional? Patricia Malpiede, our counselor, does not just listen; she helps assess the situation and offer plausible solutions to make you feel better.

Thrive throughout life's unexpected changes

Unresolved personal issues can weigh you down. You may not be aware of it, but they hold you back, making it hard for you to move forward and pursue bigger endeavors. Before you experience true change in life, you need to pay attention to these personal issues first. Whether they involve your marriage, your family, or your career, feel free to approach her for counseling services. Call 970-381-8633 for more information.