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Approach the right people in times of need. For professional counseling, approach the counselor of Journey's Hope Counseling in Greeley, CO. Patricia Malpiede, MA is a registered psychotherapist who specializes in family and child counseling. Whether your child is having a hard time catching up at school or is having trouble dealing with an unfortunate event in the family, she is the right person to call.
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Guiding Kids as They Cope With Changes

Dealing with major life changes, such as divorce and death in the family, may be too hard to accept for children. During these difficult times, be sure to give them the emotional support they need. It is also best to seek help from a professional who have ample knowledge and experience in dealing with similar situations, so you can be sure that your kids can cope with changes.

Help Your Child Fit In

The whole idea of fitting in may be too complex for a child who has come from a hard place or has experienced trauma, such as adoption or fostering, especially when he or she is around too many people. Do not let your child feel left behind. Show him or her that you are always there for him. Let Patricia Malpiede be a source of guidance through professional counseling as your child deals with these emotional challenges. Dial 970-381-8633 to schedule an appointment. She will be more than happy to assist you.

About the Counselor

Now that you have browsed my website, I thought you might like to know a bit about me.
To start with, my husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in July of 2016. We live on some acreage in the country and enjoy our animals. We have two older quarter horses, Clyde and Shadow and two dogs, Hutchins, a Golden Retriever, and Flicka, a Labrador Retriever. We also have three barn cats which are also our beloved pets, Crush, Slick and Mommy. Periodically our animals assist me in therapy sessions.
My husband and I are a blended family. We have five children between the two of us, three girls and two boys. Their ages range from 28 to 40 years old. So far we have five grandchildren. My husband and I enjoy camping and boating with our family. We also like our bike rides on the Poudre River Trail. Almost daily I look forward to my walks with the dogs.
I will briefly share why I am in the profession of Mental Health Counseling. I was married to my children's father for 20 years. It was a tumultuous marriage which led to separation and finally divorce. This devastation not only affects the husband and wife, but especially the children, and extended family as well. Severe depression followed so I sought out intense counseling for a length of time. I believe that due to this life experience, I felt led, drawn and called to help others who are living out what I did. When I was 44 years of age, I signed up to finish my undergraduate degree and went on to complete my MA degree.
Re-marriage and the blending of a family is not easy. My husband once said, “Had we of understood the challenges that exist in the blending of a family, we would have never married.” We both agree it is probably the hardest thing we have ever done, and continue to do. We also realize that divorce and the repercussions from it are never ending. Long story short, as long as a couple is willing to work hard, commit and persevere, we discovered that there is always hope. It is possible to survive and overcome the trials involved. Not only that, but then to live life out well!
I have not met anyone who has not had their share of struggles through life's journey (myself included). This world is filled with many challenging and difficult situations that we are forced to deal with. None of us ask for them. Eventually however, it is how we deal with these circumstances that determine the outcome of our lives.
Please note that our bodies are created with four major components. They are the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental areas of our lives. I have found that if just one of these areas is out of sync, most likely they all are. The good news is that it is possible to re-frame and balance our lives. When we take a close look inward it is conceivable to realize and understand our unhealthy behaviors, which we regularly act out. This step allows us to then own them, providing us the opportunity to make the necessary choices and changes needed to live up to our full potential and a healthy productive lifestyle.
Another 20 years have flown by since my re-marriage. I will spare you the details, but you can bet I have traveled through a few more of these life changing events. This is okay because they have molded and shaped me into the person I am today. I believe myself to be stronger and wiser than I was years ago. I think you would find my family agrees if you were to ask. Sometimes I work through the challenging moment quickly and other times it takes a longer period of time. Whatever it is, I consider myself to be an overcomer. But I must be honest here. I also believe that if it was not for my faith, I would not be where I am today.
I trust you can see to some degree, by my life story, why I have chosen to work in the areas of counseling and therapy that I do (see Services page). Rest assured that you will be listened to without any judgment in your counseling sessions. Nothing anyone tells me tends to surprise me anymore. Furthermore you will find it is not uncommon for me to share parts of my own story if they will benefit a counselee in any way. Sometimes they help a person wake up to what they are living in.
I want to thank you for browsing my website. It is my desire that I have motivated and encouraged you to move forward with counseling, whether it is with me or someone else. There is no shame in doing so. It can only better your life by enabling you to overcome the unforeseen changes and challenges in life, whatever they may be! Remember that there is always hope in your journey of life.